Rate Check – 4thQuarter

equipment finance rates increase

我was tempted to open with a joke about rates, but honestly, at this point, nobody feels like laughing. But there is good news – we are hopefully nearing the end of rate hikes. As you well know, over the last 18 months, the Federal Reserve has been steadily raising rates. This year they paused in June, raised…Read More »


Equipment Leasing Terms and Phrases – Wrapping Up

Equipment Leasing Terms

Let’s wrap up our leasing terms and definitions series. We first gave an overview of equipment leasing in general, and then got into terms, phrases, and definitions. That was pretty interesting because I’m sure a lot of folks didn’t realize terms like “monthly rent” applied to equipment leases as well. We then got into the wear and tear…Read More »


Equipment Leasing Terms and Phrases – Insurance Coverages

equipment insurance coverages

让我们继续租赁系列保险。我know, I know, it’s a boring topic, and nobody likes to talk about it, but it’s necessary and will be required in your lease agreement. There are several types of insurance your lease agreement may require, and the exact types will depend on the leased equipment, the terms, usage, and…Read More »


Equipment Leasing Terms and Phrases – Maintenance and Repair

used business vehicle leasing

For our ongoing series on equipment lease terms, phrases, and details, let’s discuss the maintenance and repair of your leased equipment. For simplicity, we can call this the “wear and tear” clause. The general purpose of this clause is related to the residual value I mentioned last post. When a lease agreement is made, the Lessor (that’s us)…Read More »


Equipment Leasing Terms and Fine Print Phrases – Definitions and Examples

software leasing and financing

我n our ongoing series of getting into the details of equipment leasing agreements, I thought I’d start out with the basics: explaining and defining several notable equipment leasing terms. I’m going to stick to just a few essential terms that are important – you will find these all throughout any lease agreement, especially in the fine print. Lease…Read More »