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Automotive and Diagnostic Equipment Financing

Automotive repair and diagnostic equipment financing covers a wide variety of situations and machines. Anything from alignment machines, dynamometers, emissions testing equipment and many others fall under this category. And in today's world, you cannot run any type of vehicle repair facility without this expensive diagnostic equipment. Making the need for a company experienced in financing automotive diagnostic equipment all the more evident.

Business Vehicle Financing

When a company looks towards business vehicle financing, whether it means financing one vehicle, financing a fleet of vehicles, or leasing vehicles, there are several questions that need to be answered: Should you buy new or used commercial vehicles? What will they be used for? Should you lease them, or purchase them outright?

Business Vehicle Financing
Food Service Equipment Financing

Food service equipment covers a large spectrum of situations and needs. From a company cafeteria to an expansion location of a restaurant concept, the needs of a business looking to finance food service or restaurant equipment are as varied as there are ways to cook a steak.

Forestry and Agricultural Equipment Financing

Financing forestry and agriculture equipment is needed in these industries due to the sheer cost of most of the equipment in question. Anything beyond hand held tools, for example, is bound to be a major purchase. That's why you need someone who has experience in forestry and agriculture equipment financing.

General Equipment Financing

In many cases, the equipment you need financed doesn't fall under a specific category – you could say that you need "general equipment financing". We at Crest Capital completely understand that – we pride ourselves on having open minds, and inclusive business practices. If you need general equipment financing, we're the company to contact.

Health and Medical Equipment Financing

With advances in medical equipment technology being made seemingly by the day, the need for the newest medical equipment by doctors, hospitals, and medical facilities is plain to see. And since this equipment is often very expensive, an equipment finance company experienced in health and medical equipment financing can help greatly.

Heavy Equipment Financing
Heavy equipment is the backbone of any construction project. Machinery like backhoes, earth movers, bulldozers, cranes, drill rigs, and similar are mainstays for contractors and building companies. But the cost can be high, making new and used heavy equipment financing a must. Crest Capital handles this type of lending for any size business, with great rates and terms.Heavy Equipment Financing
Industrial Equipment Financing

Industrial equipment financing generally covers just about any type of heavy equipment you can imagine - from machines to storage equipment to specialty vehicles to just about everything else you can imagine in industry. While this equipment is well varied in scope, it does have one thing in common – cost. Most industrial equipment needs to be financed, and that's where a company like Crest Capital comes in.

Manufacturing Equipment Financing

Manufacturing equipment financing is typically a step towards greater profitability. Because when new manufacturing equipment is purchased, it almost always means a production increase – either manufacturing new products, or the more efficient production of existing products. And to take maximum advantage of this greater profitability, the right type of manufacturing equipment financing is crucial…

Office Equipment Financing

Office equipment can mean anything from general office machines like faxes and copiers to computers, the phone system, or even the cubicle walls and office furniture. The general thought with these items is to keep costs as low as possible, while getting the most for your dollar. Which is where office equipment financing comes in.

Printing and Packaging Equipment Financing

Printing and packaging equipment financing can encompass a broad spectrum of technologies. While large offset printing presses have evolved to share space with newer computer and laser-based technologies, the printing and publishing industry is still very reliant on older technology. Meaning when you are looking to finance graphic arts equipment, you need a company that understands the nuances of the equipment's impact on your business.

Retail and C-Store Equipment Financing

The retail industry covers a wide spectrum of businesses – from petroleum C-Stores to mall kiosks to even "service" type businesses like a hair salon or a karate school. And regardless of the type of retail business, they all have one thing in common – they service the customer in their location. So they need to make the best impression on a customer, which means they need the best equipment possible.

Technology Equipment and Software Financing

Technology equipment financing (which includes software financing and software leasing) often requires a specific understanding of technology on the part of the lender. In short, it can sometimes be difficult for an institution that is used to financing tangible objects to all of a sudden start financing something that deals in bits and bytes.


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