Equipment Financing.For Maximum Financial Flexibility.

Companies are Now Choosing to Retain Maximum Control Over Their Finances.
No-Hassle Equipment Financing from Crest Capital Allows This.

Use equipment financing from Crest Capital to keep your finances in balance.2023年及以后,维护金融flexibility will be a key for sustained business success. In short, the world changes too fast to have your money and assets tied up in fine-print bank loan restrictions.

This means choosing fixed rate equipment financing without restrictions.This means choosing Crest Capital


ABlanket Lienputs a lien on your entire business, and all of its assets. They are used my many lenders, and almost all banks. In other words, if you finance a machine, the blanket lien ties up every asset you own for the life of the loan. Meaning you can’t sell any asset without the bank’s permission, even if you’ve owned it for years. Note: Crest Capital does not use blanket liens.


Banks will insist you keep aMinimum Balancewith them for the life of the loan. Usually this minimum is 80% of the loan. This ties up your money, and also calls into question just how much they are actually loaning you (if you must keep 80% in the bank and cannot use it, aren’t you really borrowing from yourself?) Note: Crest Capital does not require minimum balances.


Many lenders, and almost all banks, will insist youRequalify for the Loan Annually.And, if you have a down year and fall below their comfort zone, they have the right to call in the entire loan immediately (and because of their minimum balance clause, this is easy to enforce. It’s a terrifying thought.) Note: Crest Capital does not ask you to requalify annually. Once is enough for us.

Crest Capital has financed equipment for small and mid-sized businesses for 30+ years, and we’ve always done it WITH low fixed rates, and WITHOUT restrictions:

Withoutblanket liens.(what’s this?)
Withoutminimum bank balances.(what’s this?)
Without“requalifying” for the loan annually.(what’s this?)

Instead, we give youmaximum cash flow flexibility.We lend you the funds for your equipment (and associated soft costs!), and you pay us back with fixed monthly payments without restrictions. It’s as simple as that.

Looking Forward – 2023 and Beyond

Business attitudes and norms have changed very quickly. We’re now in a 24/7/365 news cycle, and “industry” reacts very quickly to events large and small. Companies have learned three universal truths:

• Keeping your own cash liquid is VERY desirable.
• Not having liens and restrictions allows you to act quickly to events and changing norms.
• Since rates are so low, using financing to acquire needed equipment is smart. In other words, it’s become very cheap to borrowIFyou can do it without restrictions.

Crest Capital has always been a lender with very business-friendly practices. We have low fixed rates, whichreallybecome attractive once you realize there are none of the typical restrictions a bank has.

Your Good Credit Reward

A big reason Crest Capital can offer businesses these types of attractive terms is we do not chase “bad credit” borrowers. Weonlylend to profitable companies in business 2+ years, and without previous bankruptcies.

We feel our way of doing business is a reward for the millions of small and mid-sized businesses who are responsible, hardworking, and growing. We want to help these companies grow further, so we make it easy to borrow, and we make doing businessafterborrowing easy as well.

One thing we like to say around the office iswe help successful companies become more successful.

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