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2023 Bonus Depreciation Phaseout

As you may have heard, Bonus Depreciation (often associated with Section 179) is being phased out starting this year. What this means to you.

George Messic - National Accounts Executive, Crest Capital
Rates Update – You Haven’t Lost Yet.

Inflation is way up, and in response, the Federal Reserve has been raising interest rates. So what does that mean for small and mid-sized companies?

Mike Marcin - CFO, Crest Capital
The Case for Used Equipment in 2022

Used equipment is hot, and getting hotter. And it's time you considered going used/preowned the next time you buy or finance equipment.

Chris Fletcher - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Speed Has Never Been More Important in Business

Specialized (or not-so-specialized) machines, work vehicles, specific tools, etc have become quite hard to procure quickly. The faster you can secure financing, the less likely you are to be shut out when equipment becomes available.

Gary Evonsion - National Vendor Accounts, Crest Capital
Equipment Financing Rates and Inflation

It’s no surprise that 2021 is one of the strangest years ever. Economic signals give us all an idea on some sound strategies for the months ahead.

Greg Latora - VP Of Credit, Crest Capital
2021 Mid-Year Financial Outlook

Will looming inflation drive equipment financing rates upward? The answer is clearly "yes" rates will go up according to historical patterns.

Gary Evonsion - National Vendor Accounts, Crest Capital
Businesses Look to Maintain Flexibility When Borrowing

If 2020 taught us anything, it's that we should expect the unexpected. As smart businesses move forward, preserving maximum financial flexibility is paramount.

George Messic - Account Executive, Crest Capital
The Hidden Costs of Not Replacing Equipment

What are the costs of NOT updating and replacing equipment? There are several, in varying degrees of “obvious-ness”. Let’s look at a few.

Gary Evonsion - National Vendor Accounts, Crest Capital
30 Things We Learned At 30

Crest Capital turned thirty-years old in 2019 making us one of the oldest equipment financing companies in the United States. We've learned a few things along the way.

George Messic - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Equipment Financing 101

Are you buying or leasing equipment? Learn more about financing equipment in this review of the terms and processes in plain English.

George Messic - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Wait… Why Does This Equipment Cost Thousands More Than It Did Last Year?

While any one federal rate hike can seem small, they can really add up to extra (and unnecessary) costs. There is a strong case to finance equipment now, before rates rise further.

Chris Fletcher - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Financing Equipment for your Business? Then Your Personal Credit May Matter as well.

When a small or medium-sized business finances equipment, they are often under the (wrong) impression that the only credit score that matters is the credit score of the business itself. That simply isn't true in most cases. In fact, for "closely-held businesses" with less than five owners (which comprises a majority of small and medium-sized firms), there are typically two factors involved – the businesses' credit, and the personal credit of the principal(s).

Optimism Fuels Expansion for Small Businesses

The NFIB reports small business optimism is at a 45-year high with owners not only reporting better profits, they're also ready to grow and expand.

George Messic - Account Executive, Crest Capital
The Bank Is Not Your Friend

Blanket Liens, Minimum Account Balances, Yearly Requalifications are just a few restrictions the bank will not tell you. Equipment finance companies let you do things your way.

George Messic - Account Executive, Crest Capital
The High Cost of a Low Equipment Financing Rate

With any advertising, the devil is in the details. That's especially true with equipment financing, where a low rate can come with all kinds of unwanted restrictions.

Gary Evonsion - National Vendor Accounts, Crest Capital
Small Businesses Benefit From Regulation-Free Financing

问任何一个小商人他们想要的东西,“fewer regulations" will be at or near the top of the list. So with banks imposing strict lending regulations, how do equipment financing companies respond?

Greg Latora - National Vendor Accounts, Crest Capital
Section 179 is Now Permanent – That's Good News, With a Bit of Caution…

Congress permanently increased the Section 179 limit from $25,000 to $500,000. So until further notice, the Section 179 tax deduction will stay at that $500,000 limit - but is permanent actually better?

Charlie Hanavich - National Marketing Manager, Crest Capital
Used Equipment Financing Primer

Is your business adding equipment or vehicles? Thinking about going the "used" route to save a little money? Not all finance companies will help you when the collateral is not "new" - and here's what you need to know.

George Messic - Account Executive, Crest Capital
The Fear of Offering Financing is Costing You Money

Want an easy way to think of equipment financing? Think of it like accepting credit cards, except without the credit card company taking a cut from you, and without chargebacks. There, feel better about it now? I hope so.

Chris Fletcher - Account Executive, Crest Capital
毯子留置权的危险(又名:当超低Rates Throw a Wet Blanket on Your Finances.)

When it comes to loans and business lending, it seems like "rate" is everything. Really, what is the first thing you see when a lending institution advertises a loan product? The rate. Not the terms, convenience, or anything else.

Gary Evonsion - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Restore Section 179 Limits Earlier This Year.

Section 179 helps Small Businesses by allowing them to Deduct the Entire Cost of Purchased Equipment THIS year. In other words, it encourages small businesses to invest in themselves, which is healthy for the Economy.

Chris Fletcher - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Point - Click - Lend: Equipment Financing Continues to Grow Online (and Banks Seem to Want it That Way!)

According to a working paper recently published by Harvard Business School, a full 50% of bank loans were to small businesses in 1995. This number steadily dropped, and in 2012, was 30%. These days, small businesses are looking beyond their local area to work with online lenders like Crest Capital.

Chris Fletcher - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Behind the Lending Curtain Series #1: Just how do lenders assess credit risk?

Some of the most frequent questions we get here at Crest Capital have to do with the finer points of assessing credit risk. Which is a fancy way of saying: "what exactly do we look at in making an equipment financing decision, and how do we reach these decisions?"

Sean Marten - Credit Manager, Crest Capital
Crest Capital™ Video Library &Review

The Official Video Library | News, Reviews, How To, and Opinion video from Crest Capital™ including industry coverage, style / entertainment, and reviews - as well as tutorials, quick-starts, and other learning resources for building your small business skill-set.

Crest Capital - Video Library
How does an item's collateral value affect financing interest rates?

One of the more interesting aspects of credit and/or financing is how different "types" of financing have wildly different interest rates. For example, mortgages are generally lower than vehicle loans which are both MUCH lower than most credit card rates. But why is that? Why such a disparity?

George Messic – National Accounts, Crest Capital
Tour of Equipment Finance HQ

Ever wonder what life is like behind the doors of the nation's premier equipment finance lender? Here's your opportunity to make a quick "loop" around our headquarters for an inside look at our space!

Crest Capital | U.S. Equipment Financing
Reviews and Ratings | Crest Capital

At Crest Capital, we're all about financing equipment | software | vehicles - - minus the headaches often encountered with typical bank financing.

Charlie Hanavich- CART Director, Crest Capital
Special 2010 Tax Incentive Report

The Section 179 Deduction has been great to businesses for years. But did you also know that when it is combined with equipment financing, it can literally put thousands of dollars in your pocket?

Sean Marten - Senior Credit Analyst, Crest Capital
Section 179 Deduction | "Use it" -or- "Lose it!"

Wondering where the Bailout &Stimulus is for your small business? Clearly there's not much – but there is one bright spot: Section 179. I'm going to help you seize the one tax break you're eligible for… The Catch: it's a "Use It" -or- "Lose It" proposition!

Ronda Bauknight -Account Executive, Crest Capital
Equipment Dealers | Are you unknowingly being eliminated by buyers?

No matter where prospects find you… on the internet -or- from traditional "word-of-mouth" sources -- they're comparing you to your competitors, online. A 2009 study concludes that 88% of all business decision makers do internet research before selecting who they by from. Buyers will eliminate you from their shortlist because competitor websites offer a payment option - and you don't.

Mike Duncan -Account Executive, Crest Capital
Equipment Lease and Loan Documentation | Signing Protocol

It's going to be quick, because unlike a mortgage, you won't have to sign stacks and stacks of papers. Throughout the documents, Arrows appear at the sides of lines indicating places for your signature… When in doubt, sign by the arrow!

Documentation Department, Crest Capital
Crest Capital - Industry Fact Sheet

Crest Capital is a direct funding sourceproviding vehicle, software, and equipment financing and leasing to small and mid-size businesses across the United States since 1989.

Stephan Sullivan - Research Analyst, Crest Capital
What Are "Toxic Assets"? | Why Aren't Banks Lending?

"Toxic assets clogging the financial system have long been viewed - by both the Bush and Obama administrations - as being at the heart of the financial crisis" per analysis from The Wall Street Journal. But what exactly are toxic assets and why are they effecting lending?

Michael Marcin - CFO, Crest Capital
Did You Know? Why Smart Businesses Lease Equipment, Vehicles, and Software

"A great way to get what you want at a price you can afford is to lease... Leasing offers several important advantages." -

Abbey Impson- Documentation Manager, Crest Capital
Did You Know? Surprising facts about the Equipment Leasing and Financing Industry

Equipment leasing and financing totals nearly $650 billionof capital equipment expenditure in the United States each year - contributing as much as 3% of our country's annual GDP. Each business day, 20,000 equipment leases are written - and small businesses are twice as likely to lease or finance equipment as to purchase it outright.

Abbey Impson- Documentation Manager, Crest Capital
Investment Tax Credit - ELFA Recommends Bringing Back the ITC for Capital Equipment

Washington, DC (Press Release) The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) supplemented earlier recommendations sent to the new Administration to stimulate the U.S. economy through enhanced investment in capital goods or real assets.

ELFA Press Release
Yes, We Are Still Lending!

If you are a solid business worried about credit and the like, please take a moment or two and read this entire article. It may open your eyes a bit, and will likely make you feel a lot better about the current state of affairs.

Mike Duncan - Account Executive, Crest Capital
The Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt.

It's essential to understand the difference between Bad Debt and Smart Debt (we're going to call it Smart Debt from now on, because that's what it is). In good economic climates, both forms of debt are acceptable. But in tight economic times (like now) "bad" debt is deadly, but smart debt becomes almost essential.

Adrian Ludwig -Account Executive, Crest Capital
Why Most Commercial Lenders Do Not Provide Loans To StartUp Businesses

Some say it's the pinnacle of free enterprise. And pop culture lore is filled with tales of budding entrepreneurs with little more than a dream, ambition, and an empty garage. Yes, just start the business, get a loan, and get cracking on… wait a second, let's back up a bit.

Ronda Bauknight -Account Executive, Crest Capital
Book Accounting, Tax Accounting, and Leasing Simplified

In almost any business, there are two sets of books – Accounting and Tax. One (Accounting, also commonly called "Book Accounting") is how the company views things (using GAAP, or Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). The other (Tax, or "Tax Accounting") is how the IRS views things. These two often come into play when leasing equipment; and it is important for a company to understand the differences in how each accounting method views equipment leases.

Chris Fletcher - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Financing Used Equipment? Then make sure your equipment financing company is really willing to work with you.

If you're looking to finance equipment, you will most certainly have a myriad of options in regards to equipment financing companies. Obviously, some are better than others at certain aspects of the equipment financing business, but in very general terms, you definitely have a lot of choice. However, this changes when the equipment isn't new. Financing used equipment (or leasing used equipment) isn't as easy. Many equipment finance companies look to restrict used equipment financing.

Brian Phillips - Account Executive, Crest Capital
New 2008 Section 179 Limits - New Online Calculator for Crest Capital Equipment Financing

Atlanta, GA (Press Release) March 2, 2008- Crest Capital's free online Section 179 calculator, which helps small and medium sized businesses see how much they can save by taking advantage of Section 179 of the IRS tax code, has been updated to account for the substantial changes The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 has made to Section 179.

George Messic - National Accounts, Crest Capital
The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 - What businesses need to know.

On February 13, 2008, H.R. 5140, otherwise known as the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, was signed into law. The act was written by lawmakers in response to a shaky economy, and is geared towards heading off a recession.

George Messic - National Accounts, Crest Capital
Leading Equipment Finance Company Introduces a New "Application-Only Software Leasing Program" that makes Software Financing both Simple and Practical.

Atlanta, GA (Press Release) January 2, 2008Responding to a need for easier software financing options, leading equipment finance company Crest Capital introduces a simple online "Application Only" software leasing program that can provide businesses with up to $125,000 for software purchases without them having to submit financial statements or tax returns.

Charlie Hanavich- Account Executive, Crest Capital
Taking the Mystery out of Software Financing and Software Leasing

The very terms "software leasing" and "software financing" are confusing to many businesspeople. This is due to the fact that software is typically not seen as something that is purchased over time. But times are changing.

Matt Beaty - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Section 179 Equipment Purchase Deductions Made Simple with a Free Online Tax Calculator

Atlanta, GA (Press Release) December 3, 2007Crest Capital, a leading equipment finance company, has launched a free online tax calculator to help small and medium sized businesses see how much they can save by taking advantage of section 179 of the IRS tax code.

George Messic - National Accounts, Crest Capital
Equipment Financing and The Five Cs of Credit Evaluation

Equipment financing lenders, as well as banks, use the Five Cs to evaluate loan applications: Character, Credit, Cash Flow, Capacity and Collateral. However, while banks look at small-to-medium size companies from a Fortune 500 perspective, equipment financing companies see applicants from a small business perspective, which highlights a sixth C: Common Sense.

Sean Marten - Senior Credit Analyst, Crest Capital
Equipment Dealers - You're still not quoting a monthly payment?

Your competitors are offering quotes to customers who could be buying from you. Don't lose these sales! Statistics prove that 80% of prospects who plan to finance equipment will appreciate your point-of-sale monthly payment option.

Mike Duncan - Account Executive, Crest Capital
Section 179 - 4th Qtr Tax Saving Strategy for Small Business

Use the power of available deductions to boost your business's bottom line in 2007. Purchase new or "new to you" used business equipment now. Then place it in service by December 31st to realize exceptional tax savings.

Sean Marten - Senior Credit Analyst, Crest Capital

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