Working Capital.Additional Flexability.

Crest Capital is known for providing no-hassle equipment financing, but did you know that in many cases, we can also add some working capital to the deal (at the same great terms)?

Loan range

Working Capital Loans start from as little as $1,000.


Will match the equipment, vehicle, or software term (choose any length term between 24 and 72 months).


There are no blanket liens or compensating balances that are typically required by other lenders; the loan is secured only by a first lien on the equipment financed.


There will be fixed monthly payments for the life of the loan, regardless of any market rate increases. This makes it cost effective and easy to budget.

How can the Working Capital be used?

However you wish. The cash is unrestricted and can be used for any purpose within your business.

Conditions Apply

Working Capital isonlyavailable in conjunction with financing equipment, vehicle(s), furniture, and/or software. We do not provide working capital on its own. In addition, the amount of working capital that we will lend is subject to the dollar amount of the equipment you finance, among other factors.

Our Working Capital product is a fixed loan that is blended with your equipment, vehicle, or software financing, making it easy to budget. This way, you have one fixed payment over the life of the loan, and you don't have to re-qualify year-after-year!

  • Unrestricted use of funds within your business.
  • Simplify budgeting with predictable payments.
  • One payment covers the equipment and working capital.
  • No additional collateral required.
  • Receive a single cash advance at time of equipment funding.
  • 简单的应用程序进程(没有财务报表s required).

Crest Capital recognizes that when adding equipment, vehicles, and software, the need for extra Working Capital can be a challenge that many businesses face. Add in the fact that the new equipment itself might dictate additional expense.

Whatever the reason, Crest Capital is here to help with our Working Capital program, to help you cover expected (or unexpected) expenses, and create additional flexibility. Whether your business is in need of expansion, experiencing growing pains, or needs some working capital for that next big project, you can combine Working Capital and Equipment in the same finance agreement.

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